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Tool Grinder
crank shaft
For re sharpening of cutting edges of tools used in machines like Line Boring, Cylinder Boring, Valve seat Cutting and others by grinding and lapping to correct angles with required clearances. Separate wheels for grinding and lapping.
TG 100
Standard Equipment
Height of the machine 340 mm
Length of the machine 460 mm
Width of the machine 270mm
Grinding wheel –green 150 x 25 x 31.75
Grinding wheel –diamond 150 x 25.2 x 5/8”
Motor 0.5hp
Motor rpm 2800 rpm
Net weight 30 kg
Wheel cup grinding (green) for tg (01 no)
Wheel diamond cup tg (01 no)
Wheel dressing jig assembly(01 no)
Jig for c-bore chamfering tools assembly(01 no)
Jig for c-bore boring tool assembly(01 no)
Operation manual(01 no)
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