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Hydraulic Resleeving Press

crank shaft
A machine for removing and fitting of cylinder liners of engine blocks - both operations without unloading the machine, by a single operator. This is facilitated by a travelling rotary table for moving and rotating the cylinder block on the machine.
RP 1000
Standard Equipment
Range of diameters of Resleeving 50 - 140 mm
Maximum stroke of the carriage 1000 mm
Stroke of Resleeving Cylinder 300 mm
Stroke of Carriage Cylinder 500 mm
Rotary table 400 x 400 mm
Tank capacity of the hyd. power pack 75 litres
Motor of the Hyd. Power pack 3hp, 1500 rpm, 3 ph
Max. size of cylinder block that can be accommodated 850 x 350 x 500 mm
Max. force that can be applied 14 tons
Push Rods
Punch Pushing
Punch for Leyland
Punch for TATA
Operation Manual
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